More new Emily Dickinson resources and a gallery of women writers

First, these two Emily Dickinson resources, which were posted to SSAWW-L (hat tip to Martha Nell Smith and Ellen  Garvey):

Emily Dickinson manuscripts to download for free: “, and when prompted to enter as guest, just do so (this will disappear soon). Amherst has 100s of Emily Dickinson documents, and with each one you can just download the entire image. To find what you’re looking for, keep in mind that it must be in the Amherst Collections. This is not all of ED, but it’s about half of her writings. 

Harvard will also be releasing a resource on Oct 21. And already available is Radical Scatters at, Emily Dickinson’s Correspondences at, and the Dickinson Electronic Archives I & II at”

And from Ellen Garvey: 

I just learned of a recently digitized Emily Dickinson resource that may interest SSAWWers. .Harvard has digitized ED’s music binder — sheet music that she collected and played on the piano. Here’s a link to a blog description of it:

and the digitized binder:


More is available now than ever before, it seems; at least I end up posting resources or calls for paper to the SSAWW site daily now.  Here’s one from this morning: 

At The Library Company, Portraits of American Women Writers Appearing in Print before 1861

Below: Portrait of Caroline M. Congdon:

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