Web pages stolen and uploaded to Scribd: what to do

Update: Scribd fixed the problem within a day, and all is well.

In checking out the new Amazon book service, I recently looked at its competitors, including Scribd. I had looked at Scribd years ago when it seemed to be mostly bad term papers uploaded in impossible formats.  Now it has real books.

When I looked up “naturalism in american literature” to see what criticism might be available, what should pop up but my page at the American Literature/Literary Movements site–but without my name attached.

If you’ve used my site, you know that the Naturalism page is one of the earliest things on the site (1998, give or take), although I’ve updated it. I wrote it and put it on the web for people to use. That’s why it’s there.

Real page:


But stealing the content of the page without attribution and charging people to look at something I intended to be free on the web is really irritating–and also just plain wrong.

Stolen page: http://www.scribd.com/doc/201675150/Naturalism-in-American-Literature

Fortunately, you can report the DMCA violation to Scribd using this form:


It took me a little while to find the reporting link, so I’m posting it here in case it will help someone else with the same problem. We’ll see if anything happens once the false page is reported.

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