Emoji/Shorthand novels?

Over at Wonders and Marvels, there’s a post up about novels published in shorthand. http://www.wondersandmarvels.com/2014/10/novels-in-shorthand.html

I’m intrigued by this, since there’s been a push lately to write/read/treat as a serious scholarly enterprise novels written in emoji. In fact, this is what some of the cool kids seem to be doing these days in pressing the edge on media studies and digital humanities: http://www.ox.ac.uk/event/ukiyo-e-emoji-museums-digital-age. It seems to me there’s a continuum between this and other forms of electronic production based on symbols.

But since I keep up with future tech but study bygone tech in a bygone age, wouldn’t shorthand novels be just the thing? Couldn’t we treat these as attempts at a digital language and I’ve tried reading some of the novelty 19c. novels written in Morse code, but they were too impenetrable unless you’re fluent in the code.  I can read and write a little shorthand, though (Gregg, not Pittman), and I am wondering about the reading differences among these systems.

2 thoughts on “Emoji/Shorthand novels?

  1. There’s a shorthand forum on Reddit and a shorthand community on Google Plus. Good places to see samples of the various kinds of shorthand that exist and the people who are still interested.

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