Brief notes on MLA 2015

IMG_0747If I were Rosemary Feal, I’d declare MLA 2015 a victory: great venue, terrific papers, and a seemingly more relaxed set of conference attendees than the last two.

First, the amenities: MLA 2015 was held in a great place (Vancouver, BC), with easy access between the hotels and the convention center. The wifi was free and plentiful, and both the beautiful surroundings and the absence of slush made the physical experience of the conference really pleasant.

The papers were excellent, too, at least those I heard. Our session s#8 on Pacific Northwest Regionalism: Acts of Recovery, went very well, with lots of good discussion from the audience, and I would be remiss not to mention the great panel on “Edith Wharton and Sex” that provided new ways of looking at Wharton’s work on this topic.

Another outstanding panel was this morning’s “Antebellum Print Culture and the Digital Archive” (link is to the Storify collection of tweets) and the panel on Retrofuturism.

This was my last year on the Delegate Assembly, so while I will miss seeing the deliberative processes next year (if I go), I’ll be able to get to more panels.

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