A little history on the SSAWW Newsletter

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.22.12 AMThe Fall 2015 SSAWW Newsletter is now available at the SSAWW site:


Since 2008 when I took over as SSAWW VP for Publications and newsletter editor, it has grown from 8 to 28 pages, largely because the members generously voted in 2010 to discontinue the paper version in favor of a web version.

Switching to the web had many benefits, as the members realized.

For one thing, all the money that used to go to printing now goes to the SSAWW Graduate Student Travel Fund. Eliminating printing meant eliminating a lot of paper waste, too, for a greener option.

The newsletter uses color now, which would have been too expensive pre-web, and the New Books pages added to the newsletter in 2011 are much more attractive in color.  The template is in Pages (an old version), and I chose the reddish header color so that it would align with the colors of Legacy (http://legacywomenwriters.org/).

If you want to see any of the back issues from 2008 on, they’re here: https://ssawwnew.wordpress.com/membership/newsletter/

Unfortunately, we don’t have any copies of issues prior to 2008, when the newsletter was edited by its founder and my wonderful predecessor, Karen Dandurand, for whom the SSAWW Lifetime Achievement Award is named: https://ssawwnew.wordpress.com/awards/  If you have copies, we’d like to scan them and put them on the site, so please contact me.

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