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At Washington State University



  • English 567, Transatlantic Naturalisms
  • English 573, Race, Regionalism, and Nationalism
  • English 573, Dislocations: Visions of Progress and Modernity in the Early 20th-century American Novel
  • English 573, Scientific Americans: Theories of Science in the American Novel, 1880-1940
  • English 590, Directed Study
  • English 698, Course Mentoring and Shadowing

At Gonzaga University:

  • English 101, Composition
  • English 102, Literary Genres
  • English 270, Business Communications
  • English 310/510, American Literature I
  • English 311/511, American Literature II
  • English 319, Women and American Literature
  • English 413/513, Nineteenth-Century American Novel
  • English 462/562, Studies in the Novel: Realism, Regionalism, and Naturalism
  • ORGL 413, Leadership and Literature (online class)

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