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Three more of my essays are available at the WSU Research Exchange at, below.

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Recent Submissions

  • Reflections on Stephen Crane

    Campbell, Donna (Stephen Crane Studies, 2006)
    Like a lot of people, I was first introduced to Crane in a high school English class, but since the book was The Red Badge of Courage, and hence about war, I paid little attention. I did not care about war or about Henry …
  • W. D. Howells’s Unpublished Letters to J. Harvey Greene

    Campbell, Donna (Resources for American Literary Study, 2011)
    The relationship between W. D. Howells (1H37-1920) and his boyhood friend .James Harvey (or Hervey) Greene (1833-90) is treated only briefly in biographies of Howells, an understandable situation given the extensive network …
  • More than a Family Resemblance? Agnes Crane’s “A Victorious Defeat” and Stephen Crane’s The Third Violet

    Campbell, Donna (Stephen Crane Studies, 2007)
    Like his younger contemporary Jack London, who famously claimed to have had “no mentor but myself,” Stephen Crane acknowledged few influences on his writing. Established authors such as W. D. Howells and contemporaries …

New Stephen Crane Society Site

The Stephen Crane Society site has been moved to, and it now has a Twitter feed, @StephenCraneSoc. This will make searching the site’s content easier and will also help with disseminating information about updates, calls for papers, news about Crane, and so on.

As with the Howells and Wharton Society sites, some of the texts remain on university servers, but most of the content has moved, including the Queries.

If you haven’t checked out the Queries, the contents may surprise you. From 2000-2010, noted Crane scholar Stanley Wertheim answered many of the questions, and there is a wealth of information in those questions and answers. Stephen Crane