Invited Presentations


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2016    “Jack London: Apostle of the American West.” Inaugural lecture of the Bill Lane Center for the American West, with Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Sara S. Hodson, and Peter Blodgett. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. 19 September 2016.

2014    Keynote Address. “”Bitter Tastes: Why Women Writers Aren’t Recognized as Naturalists.” Association for the Study of Emile Zola and Naturalism (AIZEN). New Orleans, LA. 6-8 March 2014.  International Organization; scholars from 20 countries.

Red River Graduate Student Conference. Keynote Address. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND. 4-5 April 2014.

2012    Keynote Address. “Edith Wharton at 150: Wharton Goes Digital.” Edith Wharton at 150 Conference. Florence, Italy. 6-9 June 2012.

2007    “Lillie Chace Wyman: ‘Grim Realist’ or Early Naturalist?” American Literature Association Symposium on Naturalism. Newport Beach, California. 4-5 October 2007.

– Invited participant in “What is Naturalism?” Plenary Session Panel.

– Session Chair and Organizer. “Women and Naturalism” Panel.

– Participant, “Ellen Glasgow: Joining the Naturalists’ Club?” Naturalism Slam.

2006    “Burning Daylight and the Business of Redemption.” Keynote Address. Jack London Society Biennial Symposium. Juneau, Alaska. 30 June-7 July 2006.

2004    Plenary Address. “The Power of Place: Realism, Regionalism, and the American Short Story.” International Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Short Fiction: Theory and Criticism. Salamanca, Spain. 24-27 March 2004.

2003    “Learning to Write The Call of the Wild: Jack London’s Northland Stories and A Daughter of the Snows.” Lecture. Sonoma State University Lecture Series. Santa Rosa, California. 9 July 2003.

2001    “Realism, Regionalism, and the Politics of Home in American Literature, 1900-1930.” Lecture. Speakers Series at the University of Tennessee. 14 November 2001.

2000    “Jack London’s Spiritual Landscapes.” Symposium Fellow Presentation. Literature and Belief Conference. Provo, Utah. 31 March-2 April 2000.

1997    “Resisting Regionalism: Local Color, Naturalism, and Gender.” Sixth International Conference on Emile Zola and Naturalism. Plenary Address. Los Angeles, CA. 23-25 October 1997.

Recent Honors

  • Lewis and Stella Buchanan Distinguished Associate Professor, 2007-2010.
  • English Graduate Organization, Best Seminar Award, 2007.
  • Scholar of the Year Award, Gonzaga University. 2000.

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